About Us

Dementia Inspired Ltd is new company that looks to prove that people and those around them, can live well with dementia. Our core values are to reduce stigma, increase awareness and promote a more positive outlook living well with the condition.

Our vision is

 We at Dementia Inspired intend to achieve these through the following methods.

We offer:

  • an in-depth and new training programme for the public and those working with the condition in care settings,
  • one-to-one and family based consultations to provide advice and signposting.

We also hold events and develop projects in the community that aim to increase awareness and provide a platform for those living with dementia to reach their full potential.In the years leading up to the founding of the company, we have worked with many people, who despite living with dementia, have been a real inspiration to us and those around them; some of whom their stories we share with you today. It is these people that inspired us to create our company, to tell their stories in our training and events and who will help pave the way for society to change their views of dementia and help those with the condition to be recognized as people with a contribution to make.In every community and UK town there will be a number of people living with dementia, affecting their families and friends. Soon we will all know someone who is affected by the condition. It’s time to prepare for our future now. We at Dementia Inspired can help. Thank you for visiting this website and for your support.Change starts here. 

Ashley Roberts


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24 hour Kent Dementia Helpline Freephone 0800 500 3014

Dementia Inspired Ltd

65 Vaughan Drive, Swale, Kent ME10 2UB

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