Ashley Roberts...

 …is a fully qualified and registered dementia care instructor (with a degree in dementia care). He has several years experience of training staff, management, families and the general public in subjects from basic awareness to advanced dementia care.As we are discovering new ideas about dementia all the time, Ashley’s training courses aim to educate care staff in the most up-to-date and current developments in dementia care.They provide a platform to discuss ideas, share experiences and help empower care staff to help enhance the well-being of their residents/clients. The courses have also proven to increase morale in the workplace. 

We Offer…

  • Up-to-date dementia care training at competitive prices
  • We cover all aspects of dementia care from basic awareness and challenging perception to medication and neurological aspects.
  • Provide a platform to explore alternative means of reducing stress on both the cared-for and care-giver
  • Our own case examples and resources
  • Introductory training for families, friends and residents in your organization.

Our training courses

Introductory / Refresher Training Sessions (3 – 4 Hours)

  • Introduction and history of dementia
  • Dispel myths
  • Neurological (How Memory and the Brain Works)
  • Looks at different types and their symptoms
  • Empathy and Living Well with Dementia

1 Day Basic Course in Dementia Care

  • History of Dementia
  • Neurological – How the Brain works
  • What causes dementia?
  • Diagnosis
  • Types of Dementia and their symptoms
  • Empathy in Care
  • Culture and Well-Being
  • Conflict Resolution

2 Day Advanced Course in Dementia Care

  • 1 Day course content plus the below...
  • Culture and Well-Being
  • Dementia and Medication
  • Communication
  • Psychosocial Intervention
  • Legislation and Safeguarding (Including New Care Act)
  • Palliative Care

We also offer courses on...

 Dementia and Learning Disabilities

We also offer courses on...

 Dementia and Parkinson ’s disease 

We also offer courses on...

 Safeguarding and Legislation 


 ‘The best course I have been on in 27 years of caring for people with dementia’ C. Johnson, Nellsar Care Homes 

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